KWE India launches ‘Slip Sheet Handling’ for air freight shipments

KWE India, the Indian subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express (KWE) and part of the Japanese global conglomerate Kintetsu Group, has launched an innovative logistics service – ‘Slip Sheet Handling’ for Air Freight Shipments ex-Bengaluru. This is a contemporary solution being launched to address material handling and enhancing ULD optimisation which KWE has pioneered and introduced successfully in many global markets, resulting in freight savings of 6% to 9%.

The slip sheet is used as a pallet support device in vehicle delivery and transportation of products. When slip sheets are supported by a pallet board, flat load-carrying surface, or a cart or forklift truck, the structural strength of the slip sheet supports the product load’s weight. With the slip sheet supported by one of these transportation devices, the unit load can easily be transported both internally within a facility and externally between two facility locations. It helps to decrease the human intervention in order to provide safety and efficiency of the work.

This innovative solution of KWE India will offer an economical material handling solution for cargo handling and storage applications. When combined with a push-pull attachment and buffers, PVC or cardboard slip sheets allow customers to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip-sheets rather than pallets.

Karthi Baskar, Deputy Managing Director, KWE India said in a release, “Our customer-centric approach has helped us to understand the challenges faced by our customers, which we address in the most appropriate manner. In tune with this thinking, ‘Slip Sheet Handling’ is our innovative offering for the Indian pharmaceutical industry.”

The first trial shipment ex Bengaluru was moved on December 12, and was supported by AISATS COOL PORT facility and Emirates.

Ramana R, Director & CEO, AISATS, while speaking about the slip-sheet handling, said, “At AISATS we are constantly looking at opportunities that help redefine the cargo experience for our customers.  With the growing cargo business in Bengaluru we understand the increasing need to offer superior solutions in a cost-effective manner.  The introduction of slip-sheet for cargo handling at our Air Freight Terminal is another testimony to our ongoing efforts to synthesize value-added services with environment-friendly practices”

Products typically handled with a push/pull include bagged products such as pharmaceuticals, seeds, agricultural products, cement, cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages. This helps customers save cost and space, ship more volume, ensure damage-free operation and to be ISPM compliance.

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