Kolhapur airport commence cargo services

The bureau of civil aviation security (BCAS) has granted Kolhapur airport permission to carry out belly cargo transportation.

Guardian minister Satej Patil on Monday announced the decision.

A while back, the airport authorities approached the aviation ministry with an appeal for security clearance for letting the flight operators transport cargo as well. On fulfilling all the requirements, permission was granted.

In the case of the belly cargo system, passenger flights can also carry goods. The demand for transportation of light goods was being made from the associations of commerce and industries from Kolhapur and nearby districts.

Patil told TOI, “We have around 916-meter airstrip, which will be expanded in coming months. In a few months, night landing will also be allowed at the Airport. The approval for belly cargo is just a start. The airport will now connect with more destinations where the cargo shipment will take place. Grapes from Sangli, industrial goods from Kolhapur, fruits from Konkan will be taken to long-distance places.”

At present, the airport flies eight flights daily with an average of 600 passengers, meeting most of the domestic air cargo transport through belly cargo. Patil said this helps the flight operators to earn revenue.

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