Khursheed Ahmad Bhatt – The Amazon India Exemplar

With e-commerce companies racing against time to excel at shortest delivery times, no stone is being left unturned to strengthen their logistics operations between the hinterland and far flung regions of the country. Amazon India, in this sense, is making sure that their middle mile operations are not left behind. This has opened avenues for small businesses to leverage their on-ground knowledge and power the company’s ability to increase the speed of transportation between the two miles while serving as a means to connect India. Tapping into this opportunity, many entrepreneurs have been able to build and scale their business with Amazon India, and Leh-based trucking partner & Managing Partner of ETN Services, Khurshid Ahmad Bhatt is one among them. 

In 2020, Amazon India launched the on-road connectivity from Manesar to Leh via ‘Atal Tunnel’. Since then Khurshid has been theirclose ally and a reliable trucking partner. Khurshid started with just 6 trucks, but with sheer determination to serve the people of Leh, has seen him grow to a fleet of over 100 trucks in just over 2 years.

Despite operating in one of the most challenging locations in the country, he continued to enable e-commerce delivery for the people of Leh and connect them to the rest of the country. This led him to not only play a pivotal role in ensuring timely deliveries in the lap of the Himalayas but also creating livelihood opportunities for locals.

It has been an enriching experience so far working with Amazon India. As a result of their support, we have seen a rapid rise in our business, as we upskill and learn along the way. In the process, we were trained on Amazon’s policies, safe deliveries, logistics, quality checks, and most importantly, customer obsession.”

Khurshid Ahmad Bhatt

Khurshid also underlined that with the help of Amazon India, ETN Services built its business and gained credibility for its services across the region.

Third-party trucking service providers are the backbone of our operations, powering our ability to increase the speed of transportation between fulfillment centers and the last mile. In line with our commitment to supporting small businesses across the country we have worked with trucking partners and built programs for them to learn safe driving techniques, gain financial flexibility, and route knowledge.”

Venkatesh Tiwari, Director – Middle Mile Operations, Amazon India

Amazon India facilitates the trucking partners to secure health and accident insurance benefits for drivers who directly work with third-party trucking service providers like Khurshid, by engaging directly with their preferred insurance providers. Driver safety engagement and an early payment program & support fund helps service providers cover their costs during tough times.

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