KCT exported 360 cargo containers to Europe despite stiff competition from China

In line with the Make-In-India and make-for-world initiatives, Kalyani Cast Tech(KCT) has exported 360 dry cargo containers to Europe despite direct competition from China.

KCT which exported containers worth $ 1.4 million this month is ready to fetch more such customized export orders from the European Shipping Line in the coming months.

With the most population of containers in the world manufactured in China, countries like Australia and Europe are also depending on China for container supply.

To reverse this trend, KCT seeks some incentives from the government, KCT promoter Naresh Kumar said “There should be a Product-Linked Initiative (PLI) to encourage cargo container production in India on a mass scale. If we get a little support from the government then we can get bulk orders from the world market.”

He described the availability of corten steel, demand forecast (volumes), sources of corner castings, low level of automation, and low level of containerization as some of the many constraints in developing indigenous capacity for the manufacture of containers in India.

Concor, the Railways PSU, owns about 37,500 containers and all of them are imported. Concor has recently placed orders for a total of 18,000 containers for Indian manufacturers.

According to Concor, the idea is to develop the capacity and capability to manufacture shipping-grade containers in the country as a step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. The focus is now on resolving the issues in consultation with stakeholders.

KCT, with this successful execution of the export order, has joined a select list of companies that are exporting cargo containers. The company is helping logistics players with import substitution and export of containers with a daily capacity of 12 containers. It got the order for ISO 20 ft Dry Cargo Containers in August and it has been completed in 72 days.

Setting foot into container manufacturing as per international standards three years back KCT is approved for making corner casting, a critical component for container manufacturing.

KCT has innovated, designed, developed, and supplied various kinds of special containers such as dwarf containers, cube containers, 25 ft ISO containers, 42 ft coil containers, bulk containers, etc. to help customers to reduce the cost of transportation.

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