Karnataka truckers launch indefinite strike against new Hit-and-Run Law

Truck drivers in Karnataka have initiated an indefinite strike today in protest against the newly proposed hit-and-run law.

Earlier on 7 January, President of the Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners’ Association, C Naveen Reddy had said, “Though the union government called us for discussions on this unruly law, the officials have not given anything in writing. This is a unilateral decision by the union government, and they did not consult us before arriving at such a hasty decision.”

He added, that all the heavy vehicles will go off-road from 17 January.

“We already informed all the truck drivers in the state, and we will be going on a strike. All heavy vehicles will go off-road from January 17,” Reddy said as quoted by several media reports.

The new hit-and-run Law 

The law, part of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita replacing the Indian Penal Code, stipulates up to 10 years in prison or a ₹7 lakh fine for drivers causing serious accidents who flee the scene. This has led to widespread strikes across states, causing disruptions in fuel and vegetable supplies, with prices rising in Delhi. 

Despite a nationwide truckers’ protest earlier in January, the All India Motor Transport Association (AIMTC) decided to halt protests after assurance from the government that the laws would only be implemented after consultation with AIMTC.

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