JSW cement eco-friendly vision: Begins EV trucks trials in Logistics

JSW Cement, a key subsidiary of the JSW Group is embarking on a pilot program for Electric Vehicle (EV) truck trials. This initiative is a vital component of the company’s strategy to substantially diminish its carbon footprint within its logistics operations.

The central thrust of this endeavor revolves around the substitution of fossil fuel-powered vehicles with cutting-edge EV Trucks. Notably, JSW Cement stands out as one of the pioneering cement firms venturing into EV trials for their logistical operations. This pilot initiative has commenced with the integration of five EV Trucks, which will navigate the routes servicing the company’s manufacturing facilities situated in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Presently, JSW Cement emits approximately 173 kg of carbon per tonne, a commendable figure that stands at just 30% of the global cement sector’s average of 590 kg per tonne. The pilot project’s anticipated outcome is a reduction of over 150 tonnes of carbon emissions, a figure equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption capacity of 6,000 trees.

JSW Cement’s current production capacity in India is 19 million tonnes per annum. In the ongoing calendar year of 2023, the company plans to augment this capacity by an additional 2 million tonnes. Looking ahead, the company has set ambitious goals for the medium term, aiming to achieve a remarkable capacity of 60 million tonnes over the next five years. Throughout this transformative period, JSW Cement anticipates substantial investments in a variety of initiatives designed to curtail its carbon emissions significantly.

“Sustainability is at the core of our business operations across the Group. With the lowest emission intensity, JSW Cement is already leading the sector through its decarbonization initiatives. We are working on multiple fronts to achieve our ESG Goals. The EV Trucks pilot project, currently on between our manufacturing operations in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh is an important milestone in making our future much greener and more purposeful. Based on the success of these pilot trials, we will scale-up the integration of these EV Trucks across our cement operations in India.”

Nilesh Narwekar, Chief Executive Officer of JSW Cement

JSW Cement has procured the current EV trucks from Murugappa Group. Upon successful completion of the pilot project, the Company aims to transition to EV trucks to support its in-bound and out-bound logistics operations across all the manufacturing units.

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