JK Lakshmi Cement and GreenLine Logistics together launch India’s 1st LNG truck fleet

JK Lakshmi Cement, the home based cement manufacturer, has announced a partnership with GreenLine Logistics to roll out the first fleet of LNG (liquified natural gas) trucks in the country. The initiative, which aims to decarbonise the company’s road logistics operations, will start with a fleet of 10 LNG trucks running on the Sirohi (Rajasthan) to Surat (Gujarat) route, with plans to scale up over the next two years. Each LNG truck is expected to reduce around 35 tons of COemissions per year.

Arun Shukla, President and Director of JK Lakshmi Cement said the green trucking initiative of GreenLine Logistics would “act as a game-changer” for the country’s cement transportation industry and help facilitate the transition towards a more circular economy. Anand Mimani, CEO of GreenLine, said the company was proud to be partnering with JK Lakshmi Cement to decarbonise its road logistics and that it expects more companies to join the journey towards green trucking.

The adoption of LNG trucks is expected to reduce COemissions by 28%, CO by up to 70%, NOx by up to 59%, SOx by up to 100%, and particulate matter by up to 91%. It will also help reduce noise pollution by up to 30%.

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