Is your warehouse ready for the festive season influx?

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As India approaches its festive season, retailers and businesses foresee profitable months with increased sales and revenue of up to three to four-folds. However, increased profitability also tags along with the stress of meeting the increased demand and ensuring efficient operations, putting into question the preparedness of your warehouse to handle the influx of inventory, shipments, and returns. 

In this article, we take a look at how to prepare your warehouse to take on the chaotic festive season head-on with grace. 

Seasonal Hiring Spree 

With order volumes increases by 3-4 times than usual, the biggest mistake anyone can make is not having enough hands-on deck to handle it. 

With your current staff already working round the clock, you cannot expect them to offer more working hours to handle the influx in your inventories. The hiring of seasonal staff for the peak season is the most viable option and brings in more efficiency to your supply chain. 

With increased seasonal staff, the inventory process and shipments in your warehouse are faster which helps you keep up with the consumer’s expectations of same-day or next-day deliveries even in the chaos of the peak season. Many logistics organizations have already begun hiring staff which includes pickers, packers, labelers, and even warehouse managers. 

Skill your Staff

Having the numbers in hand is never enough. What is the point of hanging double the staff if they can’t handle the hectic season? So, you must provide both your existing and new staff with proper training to handle the peak season, which makes them more efficient and effective. They should be made aware of the tools and techniques put in place to handle the additional demand and inventory.

Yield benefits from technology

Technology plays a big role in any supply chain operations, and utilizing it during the festive season could help yield great benefits. 

Utilizing a warehouse management system will streamline operations processes and update your inventory in real-time. This will ensure that you always have updated stock available for consumer demands. 

Blockchain technology can also come in handy and help ensure that your supply chain is functioning at peak capacity from production to warehouse to consumer.

Monitor maintenance and repairs

Any replacements or repairs required in your warehouse are better done before the actual chaos begins as doing it in the middle of the season will only increase your stress and hamper your operational efficiency. 

Attend to any faulty machinery or storage units early on to avoid disaster, and save the replacement cost. Maintenance will help you keep more compliant, which is of great importance during festive crackdowns.

Focus on Reverse Logistics 

While you are preparing to handle the increased demand and ship 3x more shipments out of your warehouse, it is only fair to ready yourself for the reverse logistics which also holds a huge chunk in the festive season. 

Being ready to handle the return shipments will make your operations more efficient and improve customer service. 

Nowadays just like same-day or next-day deliveries, customers expect faster processing of their returned shipments as well. The efficiency of reverse logistics is now a huge part of delivering customer delight. It outs out the thought that you value your customer and buys you, their loyalty. 

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