Iraqi Airways gets a ‘beary’ unique furry surprise on its flight to Dubai!

‘Bear’ necessities went wild in a recent turn of events for Iraqi Airways’ flight to Dubai, giving passengers more than just in-flight entertainment. Just before takeoff, an unexpected passenger decided to break free from its usual cargo confines – a bear! Yes, you read that right, a bear! The flight found itself in a ‘hairy’ situation when a bear escaped from its cage in the cargo hold, turning the aircraft into a temporary bear den.

Passengers aboard the Iraqi Airways flight between Baghdad International Airport and Dubai International Airport got more than they bargained for as the bear made a surprise entrance into their travel plans. The passengers were evacuated after the bear’s impromptu escape turned the cabin into a scene from a wildlife documentary. It’s not every day that you witness a bear-on-the-loose scenario at 30,000 feet! Remember ‘Snakes On The Plane’?

A footage from the flight shows passengers and crew members sharing the aircraft with the bear as it explored its new surroundings and roamed the cargo area. Adding on the list of surprises, a ground crew member decided to go full ‘Bear Grylls’ and give the bear’s head a friendly pat.

The bear’s adventure led to a delay of over three hours for the return flight for which the flight’s captain had to profusely apologise. While the bear’s antics might have caused some discomfort, it’s safe to say that only a few flights could claim such a memorable journey.

Iraqi Airways quickly apologized for the unexpected bear invasion, making it clear that their usual service doesn’t usually include such wild companions. They assured passengers that the bear’s transportation was carried out according to the book, but sometimes, you just can’t bear-proof every situation.

The situation was eventually brought under control as animal control specialists were dispatched, who sedated the bear and safely removed it from the aircraft. However, Iraq’s Prime Minister has ordered an investigation into how the bear escaped from its crate.

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