Iran working on barter deal with India

The move is aimed to bypass US sanctions

Iran is hoping to seal a preferential trade agreement with India, allowing the two countries to reduce tariffs mutually on produces, promoting barter trade. The deal may come in the face of sanctions imposed by the US, Iran’s ambassador to India Ali Chegeni said on Wednesday.

For Iran, it is strategic to push trade despite the crippling sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic after the US walked out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

India and Iran have held four rounds of talks on the preferential trade agreement so far, Asghar Omidi, commercial counsellor in the Iranian embassy told Indian businessmen at a meeting organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The fourth round was held in March in Tehran with another round expected next month, he said. “It is hoped that we can conclude the pact by end of this year,” Omidi said.

Once the deal is finalized, Iran hopes that it can import Indian goods in return for goods that New Delhi imports from Tehran, bypassing payments in hard currency, a target which the USA locks by putting tariffs.

It is unclear though whether this will prompt India to restart crude oil purchases from Tehran. In the wake of the US imposing sanctions on Iran’s financial and energy sector, India has been forced to totally eliminate its imports of Iranian oil.

European countries such as France, Britain and Germany besides the European Union which have been critical of Washington walking out of the deal and have reportedly worked out a payments mechanism to bypass US sanctions.

When asked, Chegeni said the European mechanism— known as Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges or INSTEX—was yet to become operational. He said it was a system that allowed the exchange of goods without requiring direct transfers of money between Iran and EU companies — similar to the arrangement Tehran was looking to put in place with India.

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