Invest to propel Indian artisans and farmers onto the global market stage : PM Modi

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi speaking at Bharat Mandapam, unveiled a comprehensive strategy that propels India’s artisans, weavers, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and farmers onto the global market stage. The government’s commitment to supporting these vital sectors is a significant development for the country’s supply chain landscape. The Prime Minister highlight’s that renowned international corporations are stepping up to collaborate with India in distributing its products to worldwide markets, and Indian should take advantage.

During his address, the Prime Minister shed light on direct engagements with leaders from prominent global companies that boast extensive retail supply chains, online platforms, and widespread physical stores. These discussions have culminated in the companies’ resolute commitment to champion Indian products, ranging from millets to handloom creations, and extend their presence to every corner of the globe.

Notably, the Prime Minister accentuated that the products will be manufactured in India, with these multinational corporations tapping into the indigenous supply chain. The PM call upon the textile and fashion industry, and underscored the collective endeavors required to transform India’s handloom, Khadi, and textile sector into global frontrunners.

Further, addressing the burgeoning neo-middle class in the nation, the Prime Minister highlighted the enormous potential presented by this emerging consumer class for various products, particularly textiles. Modi, urged businesses to bolster the local supply chain and make strategic investments to capitalize on this opportunity.

Taking a stance against textile imports, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of nurturing and fortifying the local supply chains. He urged the industry leaders to rider above the challenges, seize the moment and invest in building a robust supply chain that aligns with India’s vision of becoming a 5 trillion-dollar economy.

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