Introduction of connected fleet management system in EVs bring logistics and transportation efficiency for Magenta

Mumbai-based Magenta EV, with an aim to provide the most efficient logistics solutions and transportation services, introduces a connected fleet management system EVET for its EV delivery and logistics services.

This connected solution offers real-time insights for track and trace, vehicle health, driving behaviour, real-time state of charge, and low-charge alarms, and also helps in the maintenance of the vehicles.

Currently operating electric three-wheelers in the L5 category, the company believes that this system can remotely connect with the drivers and vehicles as well as track any unauthorized movements by displaying the exact position on a map to the owner.

The Real-Time Tracking system is expected to transform the face of the industry by establishing a new standard by providing clients with real-time information. The solutions in our electric vehicles are another step forward in our commitment to providing the most technologically sophisticated and unsurpassed solutions available in the market today, boosting our ability to provide great customer support across all of our EV Verticals.”

~ Darryl Dias, Co-founder & Director, Magenta

The new connected EV vehicle solution can process data generated by the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) which helps EVET manage its fleets by accessing in real-time on a smartphone via an app.
This connected system with real-time data also allows EVET to keep a track of the expiration dates of vehicle documents and keeps an overall check on the health of the fleet’s components.

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