International cargo services at Pune Airport resume after over a year of suspension

After more than a year of suspension, international cargo services at Pune airport have finally resumed as of Wednesday, thanks to the approval from the airport administration. The halt was a result of the customs department’s refusal to clear the cargo. In August 2023, domestic cargo operations recommenced after the handling facility was moved to the newly constructed integrated cargo terminal.

The green signal for international cargo services came in the first week of January, resolving a minor technical glitch. Customs department officials inspected the airport facility in December, and although a few permissions were still pending, the services have been given the green light.

The revival of international cargo services is a significant boon for both the residents of Pune and businesses, both small and large. Furthermore, the airport will offer a transit facility, eliminating the need for cargo to secure customs permission at other airports as long as they obtain it from the customs department at Pune Airport.

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