Indian Railways records highest freight loading in 2020

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Indian Railways, which turned the pandemic into an opportunity by shifting their focus and efforts to freight trains, in the month of November, maintained to keep a high momentum in terms of earnings and loading.

As per reports, the freight loading for the month of November 2020 crossed last year’s loading and earnings for the same period.

Indian Railways loading for the month of November was 109.68 million tonnes which is 9% higher compared to last year’s loading for the same period (100.96 million tonnes). In this period Indian Railways earned INR 10657.66 Crores from freight loading which is also INR 449.79 Cr. (4%) higher compared to last year’s earnings for the same period (INR 10207.87 crores).

The 109.68 million tonnes loaded by the Railways in November includes 48.48 million tonnes of coal, 13.77 million tonnes of iron ore, 5.1 million tonnes of foodgrains, 5.41 million tonnes of fertilizers and 6.62 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker), informs the railways.

Furthermore, the average wagon loading per day in November 2020 is 58,726 which is 4.6% higher than October, 2020 (56,128 wagons).

Railways inform that the continuous impressive figures registered in freight loading in last three months (in October 15%, in September 15%) despite the festive holidays and Cyclone Nivar suggests steady economic recovery.

Indian Railways in an effort to boost the railways freight movement has provided with a number of concessions/ discounts.

It may be noted that improvements in freight movements will be institutionalized and incorporated in the upcoming zero-based time table.

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