Indian Railways posts record freight, yet again


Proving itself yet again, the Indian Railways has achieved the highest ever freight loading, surpassing last year’s cumulative figures even before the end of the Covid-affected financial year.

As per reports, railways has clocked freight loading of 1145.7 million tonne (MT), which is higher as compared to last year’s cumulative loading of 1145.6 MT. Month-on-month and daily figures are also higher than last year’s.

In March this year, loading was 43.4 MT, which is 10% higher than last year’s loading (39.3 MT) for the same period.

Speaking of day-to-day basis, on Thursday last week, Indian Railways freight loading was 4 MT, which is 34% higher compared to the same date last year (3 MT).

The average speed of freight trains has also shown massive improvement as compared to last year. Up till Thursday the average speed at which freight trains were running was 45.5 kmph, which is almost double against last year’s 23.3 kmph for the same period.

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Railways has offered concessions to make the freight movement attractive. The strong emergence of business development units in zones and divisions, constant dialogue with the industry and logistics service providers, and faster speed are adding to the robust growth of freight business.”

~ Railway Ministry

These are not the first figures showcasing the exceptional work done by the railway to use the pandemic as an opportunity in improve all-round performances. The government data issued earlier also showcased Earnings from freight grew 5.9% from a year earlier in January to INR 11,838.36 crore. 

Furthermore, the statistics by the Ministry of Railways shows that till 8th February 2021, Indian Railways’ loading was 30.54 million tonnes which include 13.61 million tonnes of coal, 4.15 million tonnes of iron ore, 1.04 million tonnes of foodgrains, 1.03 million tonnes of fertilizers, 0.96 million tonnes of mineral oil and 1.97 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker).

The extra-ordinary freight recovery shown by the Railways is a big indicator of economic upswing.

The achievement in the freight loading segment comes at a time when the railways’ passenger segment is still recovering from the Covid-19 blow due to which its services were completely suspended.

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