Indian firm to invest $85 million to carry out loading and discharging at Chabahar port

Chabahar port which is considered as the gateway to golden trade opportunity by India, is going to witness an the ports operator invest USD 85 million by bringing equipment to carry out loading and discharging at the port, said a senior port state control officer of the Chabahar Port of Iran, Sa Hashemi.

Hashemi said, “Our operator, which is an Indian company, is going to invest USD 85 million here by bringing some equipment to carry out loading and discharging.  The Indian company here is the operator of this port. It means that it has the loading and discharging responsibility of all the ships that come, all the ocean-going ships.”

He added, the Chabahar Port’s depth is -16 and all the 120,000 deadway ships can load, discharge and convert here without any problem. There is no limitation to any kind of vessel. We have the passenger terminal for marine passengers that come here, any passenger ship. Any ferry ship can come here. We can also have converted, very big 6000 containerships as well. We have no limitation for berthing and onboarding of these ships.

With, an Indian company taking charge of the port as its operator, Indian Ports Global Limited (IPLG) has set an office at the port, and is carrying out loading and unloading of cargo from ships.

The Indian Ambassador to Iran, Rudra Gaurav Shresth, a career diplomat a member of the Indian Foreign Service who assumed charge in May 2023, paid his first visit to the Chabahar Port on Friday.

The visit came on the heels of/ presenting his credentials to the Iranian President. Ebrahim Raisi in the first week of July.

“Chabahar is an important project for India and the same was reflected in how the Indian ambassador chose Chabahar for his first official visit outside Tehran,” a source told ANI.

During his visit, the ambassador interacted with several senior port officials.

The port’s general director, Engineer Asgari, Governor of Chabahar, Dr Sepahi and managing director, India Ports Global Limited, Sunil Mukundan and senior officials of the port also interacted with the envoy.

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