India requested to supply 1.5 million tonnes of wheat amid global shortage

India has received requests to supply over 1.5 million tonnes of wheat from Nations looking to prevail over the ongoing shortage of the commodity. 

“More than half a dozen countries have approached India for more than 1.5 million tonnes of wheat and we will see how to go about these requests,” a government source involved in the decision making told Reuters.

The officer added, “India is keen to help vulnerable countries and anyone who needs wheat.”

The majority of the request for supply has come in from Bangladesh as the Indian wheat costs 30 percent cheaper and has a shorter delivery period, as it takes only a week for Indian cargoes to reach there. Dhaka had imported 4 million tonnes of wheat from India in FY22.

Egypt, the world’s biggest wheat importer has requested a supply of 5,00,000 tonnes of the grain. Among the other potential buyers of Indian Wheat are Jamaica and some Asian countries. 

The United Nations’ World Food Programme has also urged India to deliver wheat to nations like Ethiopia and Uganda.

The private export of the staple was banned by the Modi government however, it was announced that the government would still consider specific requests from foreign governments for the supply of wheat to meet their food security needs.

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