India poised to challenge China’s supply chain dominance in 2024: Anand Mahindra

In his New Year address on social media, Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra expressed optimism about India emerging as a formidable competitor to China’s supply chain dominance in 2024.

Mahindra anticipates unprecedented investments flowing into India, attributing the country’s potential success to disruptive innovation, particularly driven by the startup sector.

Investments would flow into India in “unprecedented” volumes, and in the long run, the country’s capacity for disruptive innovation will lead to a rise in its economy. Globally, the world needs India to become a reliable challenger to China’s supply chain dominance. That is the great opportunity of 2024. That is what will fuel the lift-off. All signs point to the Indian economy achieving the mythical “lift-off”, Mahindra said in a post on X on Monday.

In urging the Indian manufacturing sector to seize the moment, Mahindra stated that the opportunity for a quantum leap is within reach, provided the country capitalizes on growth in manufacturing and exports. He sees this as crucial for enhancing the consumption story and setting off a positive economic cycle.

Reflecting on the past year, Mahindra acknowledged the challenges posed by conflict, climate change, and a slow post-Covid recovery globally. He highlighted India’s ability to sustain economic momentum through government capital and infrastructure investment. With the consumption story ready to unfold, Mahindra believes companies capable of offering desirable products will face the challenge of scaling up production to meet demand.

Despite facing challenges firsthand, Mahindra Group experienced significant success. Mahindra encouraged the group and the entire country to embrace innovation and prepare for the future. In concluding his note, he urged everyone to seize the opportunities of 2024, emphasizing that the destiny of India lies in its own hands.

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