India has taken a quantum leap to be future-ready: Fedex Study

FedEx Express

Global express transportation giant, FedEx Express let the cat out of the bag on the findings of its ‘Future is Now’ study, providing insight on India’s readiness to embrace the future. The past decade has witnessed a massive influx of modern technology into the entire being of the nation and it has gone through further integration since the arrival of the pandemic.

The study suggested that there isn’t a sector in the Indian economy that hasn’t transformed with the Midas Touch of technology, be it education, banking, healthcare, logistics or manufacturing. India is taking a leap towards being future-ready by cashing in on the concepts of IoT, AI, Robotics and Blockchain to name a few. Approximately 83% of the survey-takers believed that technology they’d seen in science fiction movies is either already a part of their daily lives, or is likely to be in the next few years. The major contributors in driving India towards being future-ready are healthcare (35%), logistics and infrastructure (21%), banking and finance (18%) and public service (16%).

It is of utmost importance, for a business to flourish, to understand and anticipate the needs and expectations of its customers, as well as preparedness to act on those prospects. The FedEx study shows that businesses are already working to keep pace with such dynamics, with about 87% of respondents stating that over the past year, companies demonstrated their ability to understand ‘What’s next?’ and present possible solutions.

India surmounts in the Global Innovation Index and has its own Silicon Valley abundant in breakthrough ideas and technologies. The application of such new ideas and innovations is vital to the success of businesses. A majority of 91% of those polled in the FedEx survey, believe that organizations, communities, or even individuals who experiment and adopt change are better equipped to navigate through future challenges.

The past decade has provided enough evidence to advocate a shift from conventional to a more sustainable way of life – at home and at work. Individuals and organizations, alike, are becoming more environmentally conscious by the day. According to the FedEx study, three quarters (75%) agreed that individuals, communities, etc. that have a ‘futuristic’ outlook are more environmentally conscious. In fact, 71% of the respondents claimed that, as decision-makers in a futuristic business, sustainability would be crucial and their top priority.

The world will keep evolving as it has and to humanity needs to evolve with it to ensure being a step ahead in the race of survival. For both, businesses and individuals, embracing a future that offers endless possibilities and having a mindset that is dynamic, experimental, and sustainable has become rather imperative.

FedEx Express along with Innovative Research Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. carried the ‘Future is Now’ research in 9 Tier-I and 9 Tier-II cities across India, covering 4,210 respondents via face-to-face and telephonic interviews. FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. They use a global air and ground network to speed delivery of time-sensitive shipments, by a definite time and date.

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