In line with the NLP, Odisha curating its own logistics policy

In line with the recently launched National Logistics Policy (NLP), the Odisha state government has been preparing its own policy to create logistics and warehousing infrastructure and to address transport-related challenges.

The state policy is at its last stage of preparation as a lot of consultations are being done at different levels in view of the involvement of multiple departments, said the State industries secretary and chairperson of Idco Hemant Sharma adding “We have set a target to launch the policy before the forthcoming edition of Make in Odisha conclave scheduled from November 30 to December 4.”

Once the policy of the state is in place, the logistics and warehousing sector which were considered industrial infrastructure will get the status of industry because of which the investors in this sector will get all the incentives and benefits availed by other major industries in the state, the industries secretary said.

With Odisha being a key mineral-rich state, the logistics policy/plan of the government would include a coal evacuation plan, current mineral/commodity movement, and transportation of agricultural and marine products, among others.

To speed up last-mile delivery of items and to save time and resources of manufacturers connected to transportation, the state government has plans to foster Logistics infrastructure, including the establishment of multimodal parks, state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and logistics terminals in the next couple of years under the policy.

By formulating the policy in the run-up to the business conclave, the state government has also been looking forward to drawing investment in the logistics sector. The formulation of a state logistics policy is also a significant factor in preparing the state master plan of the PM GatiShakti initiative of the Centre with an objective to bring down the logistical costs.

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