“We have always believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Moglix – considered to be one of Asia’s largest and fastest-growing B2B e-commerce platform – shot to fame mostly because of its dense supply chain network. This unicorn company enables enterprises across the Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure sectors to transform their end-to-end supply chain, from procurement to distribution. To top it off, Moglix has a supply chain network of 16,000+ suppliers, 35+ warehouses and logistics infrastructure. To get a closer look at how this innovative brand has created a unique identity for itself within such a short period of time and to understand the role of tech and innovation in Moglix’s success, we interviewed Jasmeet Marwah, Vice President – Supply Chain & Operations at Moglix. Excerpts follow:

Moglix has carved a niche of its own within a short period by providing innovative tech-first solutions for the manufacturing sector. How much of its success would you attribute to its supply chain operations?

Moglix is a digital solutions enterprise with an obsession for customer service. The excellence of our supply chain operations defines who we are and what we do to meet our customers’ requirements. Furthermore, I believe that leadership wins through superior logistics. While vision and strategy are important, technology-enabled fulfilment enriches the experience of our customers. Our success in the B2B commerce space is rooted in our ability to leverage technology to bring greater visibility and predictability to the supply chain journey for our customers.

Innovation and aggressive adoption of the right technology have been the key during these uncertain times. Please share with us what innovations and technologies were brought in Moglix’s supply chain to meet the consumer’s needs and keep the operations running efficiently?

We have always believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is reflected in our endeavour to roll out a full-stack integrated operating system for procurement and supply chain.

Be it our Moglix Supplier Central application for procurement and supplier relationship management, our Moglix catalogue for indirect procurement, the Moglix Buyer’s app for order management and real-time order tracking, or the warehouse and field management system for efficient logistics operations, users from our customer enterprises get to access all these modules or customised bundles from a single operating system.

Moglix’s technology has always been about unlocking new avenues of efficiency through the integration of suppliers, customers, and logistics. At Moglix, we are using technology to build smarter and faster procurement and logistics solutions for creating a great customer experience.

Throw some light on the basic differences between managing the supply chain of a B2B e-commerce marketplace and a B2C e-commerce marketplace.

While both B2C and B2B supply chains aim at providing quality products at the right price on time every time, there are some inherent differences between the two. A B2B purchase is based on decisions guided by business requirements and is often characterised by multiple approvals, negotiations, and customisations. The ticket size is high, with credit, financing, and custom pricing strategies playing an important role in supporting this ecosystem. The logistics processes must be adapted to the unique business processes of every enterprise. This includes documentation and packaging requirements, return policies, handling, and delivery processes.

This interview was originally published in the September issue of the Logistics Insider magazine. To read the complete interview, get your e-copy of the magazine now!

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