In a move to diversify its supply chain, Apple looks to ship some iPhone 15 from India

Working to reduce its dependency on China, Apple is expected to ship some iPhone 15 models from India at launch.

As reported earlier, Apple has been working on this shift for some time now and has plans to gradually ramp up production in India over the next few years.

Apple, in the recent year, has been facing increased scrutiny over its ties with China. With reports of worker exploitation and poor working conditions, its supply chain practices have been facing criticism, leading to the company to explore ways to shift its production to other countries.

In this diversification, India-the opportunist offering range of benefits has emerged as a key player. Offering a favourable business environment, a large pool of skilled labour, a growing market for smartphones, India is a more stable and reliable partner than China, which has been the subject of geopolitical tensions in recent years.

Steve Jobs’ brain-child, Apple in the last few years has substantially increased its investment in India. The company has been increasing its presence in the nation by setting up manufacturing facilities. It has also been working closely with the Indian government to create a favourable environment for foreign investment, with initiatives such as the “Make in India” campaign designed to encourage local manufacturing.

Apple’s move to ship some iPhone 2023 models from India is part of a broader trend of companies diversifying their supply chains away from China. However, this trend has been driven by concerns over rising labour costs, geopolitical tensions, and the need for greater flexibility and agility in the supply chain.

The move to diversify its supply chain is likely to have a positive impact for Apple. It will help the company to better manage its risks and ensure a more stable and reliable supply of components, while also maintaining a competitive edge in the global smartphone market.

Apple’s decision to ship some new iPhone models from India shows its commitment to diversifying its supply chain. While Apple may face initial challenges and risks associated with this shift, the long-term benefits are likely to outweigh the costs.

With Apple continuing to expand its presence in India, we can expect to see more innovative products and services coming from the company in the years ahead.

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