ICAO recovery task force issues COVID guidelines for safer cargo operations

ICAO’s Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) has provided a series of guidelines on how air cargo operations should be carried out at airports to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The guidance was issued after consulting with countries, regional organisations, the World Health Organisation and aviation industry groups.

Last month, ICAO encouraged the establishment of Public Health Corridors to facilitate the movement of air cargo.

The cargo guidelines which aims to get passenger operations back in the air are part of a wider programme.

The cargo module covers road feeders to freight reception and pick-up; within the cargo facility; cargo facility to ramp; and aircraft loading.

The advices are mostly centred on trying to maintain distance between people, making sure hand sanitiser and PPE is available and used when necessary, cleaning of equipment — such as forklifts — after use, educating staff on personal hygiene, document signing carried out with people’s own pens, and using digital documentation as much as possible.

The new guidelines also include advice for cargo flight crew in the crew section.

“Whilst air cargo consignments do not come into contact with the travelling public, the cargo acceptance and hand over process does include interaction with non-airport employees.”


Further ICAO added, “The Cargo Module addresses aviation public health including physical distancing, personal sanitation, protective barriers point of transfer to the ramp and the loading and unloading, and other mitigation procedures.”

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