IBS Software and CargoAI announce partnership to boost air cargo revenue

IBS Software has joined hands with CargoAI on a new partnership that offers its iCargo customers the opportunity to increase their reach to the market and thereby scale their cargo revenues.

With this new partnership, IBS’ customers will be able to extend their presence in new and existing markets by leveraging on digital sales and distribution services. This is a real ‘helping hand’ both for business and for digitalization within the industry.

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IBS Software has been working with CargoAi since July 2020 to build a rich integration between iCargo and CargoAi using a scalable, API-based architecture.

“Through this partnership, CargoAi and IBS Software have invested in creating platform-level integration to give our customers more choices on channels to digitally connect with their clients, faster time-to-market for such capabilities, and to do so with very little effort,” said Ashok Rajan, SVP & Head of Cargo & Logistics, IBS Software.

Further he said, “We believe that innovation can be fast-tracked by partnering with companies like CargoAi bringing in new and improved ways of doing business like in sales and distribution, which is still very antiquated and legacy-based in the air cargo

With this API-based integration between platforms, airlines only have to turn on the switch for e-bookings from all over the world to reach their system. The process could not be easier for airlines – only a few days of tests are required between the platforms to get on board with CargoAi and no expensive bespoke IT development or complex system integration projects is required to deliver this capability. All the work has been done ahead of time by the two partners.

“The integration currently covers real-time e-booking and e-quoting, flight availability searches and shipment tracking. Lots of other possibilities exist, but this partnership is already showing just how essential synergies are in order to make digitalization accessible to all stakeholders in our industry, a goal that we share with IBS,” said Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAI.

Launched in 2019, CargoAI is a SaaS application that offers air cargo digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs.

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