IATA and ICP bring PLACI System for cargo security to UAE

IATA and ICP to establish PLACI System in UAE

The Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) System for cargo security has been initiated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Federal Authorities for Identity, Citizen, Custom and Port Security (ICP). The PLACI System will make UAE the only country outside of USA and EU to initiate a regime towards enhanced security of the air cargo supply chain.

The project will employ IATA messaging standards and existing business processes in one of the few pre-loading electronic advance information programs currently developed worldwide. The endorsement of IATA standards by a national administration is an important step towards harmonizing standards across the industry which is critical for the secure flow of trade.  We look forward to a successful implementation, setting an example for other countries,”

Kamil Alawadhi, IATA’s Regional Vice President for Africa and Middle East

The cooperation between IATA and ICP regarding air freight security will contribute to achieving a higher level of security in this vital sector in light of harmonizing national regulations with international standards. This will facilitate the smooth flow of supply chain security and trade through a developed and coordinated approach, which will reinforce UAE’s position as an international center for trade and shipping.”

His Excellency Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaeeli ICP General Director

ICP processes the advance cargo information with the help of PLACI System to target and assess risks related to cargo shipments even before the shipment arrives at its destination. This new layer of security to be applied before loading shipments bound to UAE complies with principles set jointly by the International Civil Aviation Organization and World Customs Organization. The cooperation between IATA and ICP will ensure that industry standards will be integrated in this PLACI regime.

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