How technology backed Country Delight is shaking the conventional milk market

The technology and data-backed milk brand, Country Delight, has shaken the conventional milk market ruled by traditional brands. The full-stack business built on a supply chain works on the philosophy of working with fewer stakeholders, while obtaining higher quantities is delivering quality milk with efficient delivery across India. The brand entered the market as a solution to the unreliable unorganized sector, where customers were prone to utilizing low-quality milk.

Using technology and strong customer feedback data, Country Delight evolved to solve such problems and emerged as a household name that delivers natural, fresh, and minimally processed food essentials sourced directly from farmers across the country. While Country Delight does not completely rely on farmers, and sources some of the wide range of its products through vendors, it ensures to not compromise on its quality.

As each set of products has its climate and quality needs, the brand puts the sourced produce through intensive quality control.

“We have our own quality control and procedure to ensure our customers get fresh produce delivered to their doorstep. Further, we have a full-stack supply chain model, and cold storage backed by technology, through which we can address the major industry challenge of traceability. Hence, we can track and trace milk and other products from sourcing to delivery.”

Chakradhar Gade, Co-Founder, Country Delight

The milk brand has been able to successfully build a business model where everything is traceable from the farms. It uses 17 different apps which integrate AI and automation to solve different supply chain issues and ensure quality. The brand has developed an in-house application called ‘Nectar’ for tracking milk temperature at each stage of our supply chain.

On top of it, the new-age milk brand monitors its processes with IoT devices. It helps the brand deal with value-added products with a short self-life efficiently by ensuring that every deviation gets flagged.
Now moving forward in an era of evolving customer needs, Country Delight looks to maintain its quality and efficiency of products backed by its intensive technology and data while also expanding its product offerings to the entire kitchen essentials and staples segment.

Currently delivering fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, bread, and eggs to the customers within 24-36 hours, the Milk brand in the coming 12 months looks to enter other kitchen categories such as rice, wheat, batters, oils, jams, dried fruits, and pickles along with double derivative products such as buttermilk, yogurt, bakery, and organic snacks.

Source: ET

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