How lucrative is the logistics industry for new talent

As the Logistics Industry in India grows, it has opened a gate of opportunities for new young talent to join this highly lucrative industry and make a mark of their own.

According to a recent report, India will create three million jobs in the logistics sector by 2022 and 120,000 incremental jobs specifically in the warehousing industry as it is poised to grow 13.57% by 2024.

India has been expanding its warehousing footprint and establishing new spaces in many cities, along with upgrading the old Grade B/C warehouse facilities to modern Grade A warehouses. This increasing footprint and transformation from a traditional way of warehouse to a more modern approach are taking the industry towards automation, and increasing the demand for skilled manpower faster than ever. 

As traditional roles get replaced by new technologies such as Robotics, Cobotics, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain technology, and AI, new opportunities for both white-collar and blue-collar jobs open up into this sector.

The increased role of technology and enhanced operational efficiency in the supply chain has opened many career paths with excellent remuneration packages like Automation Engineer, Data Engineer, and AI Technician, among others.

With the growing industry, a huge demand for managers, executives, and operation executives with leadership skills, team management competence, and dexterity in handling different situations has also tagged along. Anyone from any field with the right skill set can leverage their experience and advance and polish their skills to supply chain management or logistics.

Apart from this, the growth of the industry and its need for a skilled workforce has also given a push to logistics institutes in the nation and created a demand for logistics professors. Furthermore, the industry has not only opened its gate for new recruitment, but the sectors growing nature also brings an opportunity to enhance, learn and grow daily. 

Logistics and Warehousing Management courses in India

There are a lot of institutes in India now which offer a variety of courses in logistics, supply chain and other allied activities – both online and offline – that can help fresh talents and young graduates to become industry ready. 

Institutes in India that offer courses in warehousing management are the School of Business Logistics, The Indian Institute of Material Management, and the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management. Institutes like the Indian Maritime University, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Logistics are some other institutes in India offering Logistics and Supply chain Management courses.   

The government of India has also been showing interest in the logistics industry’s growth story and has understood the importance of a skilled workforce. In this regard, the Logistics Skill Council (LSC) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, and the National Skill Development corporation has been set up. The LSC has 2030 training Centres, 1800 trainers and 256028 enrolled candidates, as suggested by the data on their website.

Besides this, online courses are also available on platforms like UpGrad, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and Coursera which students and professionals could avail to understand and gain in-depth knowledge about many topics related to logistics and warehousing. These courses range from catering to freshers as well as those looking to upskilling or reskilling.

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