How AssureShift is helping Movers to grow their Business independently

AssureShift acts as a connecting bridge between customers having shifting requirements and packers and movers who are experienced in providing the necessary shifting services. We have a strong network of pre-verified and trustworthy movers and packers Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and various other cities across the country.

With our unique work strategy, we have made it easy not only for customer to get in touch with reliable moving companies but also for packers and movers to find genuine customers having real packing moving requirements.

This way, relocation service providers are able to improve their business and get more exposure in the eyes of their potential customers in the form of reviews and ratings on popular websites. Hence, more and more moving companies are motivated to associate with us and utilize the opportunity to grow in the relocation field.

Packers and movers are one of the highly competitive businesses, and finding customers isn’t that easy. Most of the times, independent relocation companies in the market will have to invest lot of money in marketing their brand name so that customers will see their names and contact them offline.

Even after spending a huge amount of money the movers may face various risks like not being able to reach enough customers, not being able to convert many of the requests, chances of getting in touch with fake customers, etc.; as a result, many moving companies may end up facing downfall since the ROI will not be as expected.

Although joining with us does not cost much for the packers and movers, we do require them to undergo a complete background check and verification of their company profile, registration documents, reading reviews, and ratings, etc.

It is only once they pass this verification process do we make any movers profile available for the customers on our portal. Thereafter, all moving companies get a full page for their company profile – which makes it easy for customers to get the complete details about each company; this will not only help movers to save money on marketing but also offer more exposure to movers on the web.

We also have strategies in place to ensure customers posting shifting requirements on our portal are genuine. Through AssureShift, packers and movers get full support from our end in case of any issues like fake customer requests or unresponded enquiry posts.

Explained below are the most important and notable features of AssureShift which help independent moving companies to grow their businesses and become established in the market.

  • Creating a Company Profile for Moving Companies: We build an individual company profile for each packer mover on our website. The dedicated profile page will contain the complete information about the company like services offered, about the company, average price range, reviews and ratings, website link to their own website, contact details, etc. With this page, packers movers not only get a single-page website on our portal but also customers can access a well-designed moving company profile which can be easily found when they even search on Google. So, within a few clicks, customers are able to get in touch with the best-suited mover.
  • Verifying Customer ‘Leads’ to Ensure Genuineness: Our team personally verifies every customer, before providing the leads for purchase. Sometimes after purchasing a lead from us, and the customer had change of plan, or if it was a fake lead, we instantly refund you and also take necessary action against the fake leads.
  • Support for the Beginners: If any packing company is new to the relocation business, we support them as much as possible. For example, we may rank the company on top of the list at the initial stages to check their performance; later, we will rank them based on their performance and customer reviews. We also help new movers with their website work such as providing them good quality content, graphic designs, etc.
  • No Need to Spend on Marketing: In order to reach the target customers effectively, movers need not spend huge amounts of money on marketing with AssureShift; we will take care of their visibility, exposure, and other marketing requirements, including providing them with genuine customers. After enlisting with us, the only task that packers and movers companies will have to focus on is to provide good quality services as promised to customers and offer satisfactory customer support and quick issue resolution in case their customers face any issues during the move.

At AssureShift, we are determined to help both customers as well as independent packers and movers. For customers, we ensure they get to experience safe and smooth moving with most trusted packing moving experts; for relocation service providers, we help them grow their business one customer at a time by making sure they get in touch with genuine customers having real shifting requirements.

Our website helps moving companies save money by taking care of most of the technology-related tasks and saving them from costly marketing gimmicks by creating a dedicated profile page for each mover.

We also help movers save the time that may have to be spent in getting customers for their business by providing them the requirements posted by genuine customers in and around their city. Within a few clicks, our movers can purchase the lead at affordable rates and grow their business one step at a time.

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