How APM Terminals is supporting EODB with their Rail-Out by Bill of Lading service

Earlier in April, APM Terminals Pipavav launched the Rail-Out by Bill of Lading service. This allows consignees to get their containers railed out on the same rake/same day from APM Terminals Pipavav port so that all containers under one Bill of Lading can be cleared together at destination with less hassle. The service is available to any shipping line, NVOCC, consignee, or their forwarders or agents.

The shipping lines issue a Bill of lading for sea shipments with a specific number of containers according to details provided by shippers/exporters.

What is Bill of Lading (BOL)? 

Bill of Lading is a receipt of the transaction given by the shippers to the carrier at the time of pickup. BOL is a legally binding document that can also serve as a document of title, that allows the person holding it to claim ownership of the freight. 

Issued by the carrier, broker, or forwarder, a BOL contains the relevant information about a shipment so that the logistics providers can process and price their service accordingly.

The details include but are not limited to pickup and delivery addresses, contact information, total weight, piece count, freight class, NMFC code, additional services, special instructions, commodity description, freight dimensions, billing party information, shipping/purchase order numbers, and much more.

How Rail-out by Bill Lading facilitates EODB? 

While shipping a consignment a shipper often comes face to face with a lot of challenges which not only delays the consignment but also falls heavy on the pocket. 

More often than imagined, at the discharge port, due to differences in discharge timing, containers under the same BOL get stacked separately. This results in the rail-out of these containers on different rakes and different days based on the First-in First-out principle.  

However, using the terminal’s new offering of Rail-Out by Bill of Lading service eliminates the hassle and allows consignees to get their containers railed out on the same rake/same day from APM Terminals Pipavav port. 

Although the service does not provide an early/priority rail out. It surely is an assurance/support that the nominated containers will rail out together on a single rake.

This not only saves considerable cost but also helps avoid unnecessary time constraints for importers on consignments planned for inland/hinterland locations.  

BOL is paramount as it contains all the details about your shipment and the terms and conditions are also favorable for you. Further, it eliminates any hassle at the port caused due to the arrival of consignments under the same bill at different times, and avoids the extra cost, supporting the Government of India’s Ease of Doing Business initiative.

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