How cement companies are streamlining logistics operations using Transport Analytics Center


To streamline its logistics for road safety, efficiency and sustainability, Holcim in India is bringing into play industry-leading Transport Analytics Center (TAC) in 35 plants of ACC and Ambuja.

At present, TAC is tracking more than 20,000 trucks through various data sources like ERP, in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS), NFC, RFID and others for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence applications.

Globally, transportation accounts for around a fifth of the world’s emissions and going farther with less is an essential part of ACC and Ambuja Cement’s Net-Zero pledge.

“TAC has proven to be a great catalyst in achieving our net zero goal. It is also a testament to our digital expertise in creating cutting edge digital solutions for our drivers and communities. I am happy to see that our logistics, IT and digital teams are not only ensuring driver’s safety and logistics efficiency but also pushing the boundaries of innovation to reach zero harm and reduce overall emissions.”

~Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India Holcim and MD & CEO of Ambuja Cements

Implemented in India in 2018, TAC was set up with the purpose of monitoring road safety KPIs which helped both the companies to achieve nearly 75% kms without any safety violations and a 60% reduction in offsite incidents.

In the journey along with ACC and Ambuja, TAC provided data analytics on a daily basis to the Driver Management Center (DMC) in all the 35 plants for focused intervention in the form of training and coaching the drivers to improve their driving behavior. This intervention has helped proactively act on ‘at risk’ drivers. On the other hand, it enables Transporters engagement in the process and ensures drivers’ participation with a structured reward and recognition program. The technology and process are still a benchmark in the Indian cement industry.

Boosting efficiency:

TAC is now providing solutions to support cost and operation efficiency. TAC provides analytics on freight, distance, turnaround time, route adherence, leads and direct dispatches. The recent addition of the TAC KPI Tree application in India provides all the logistics KPIs from ACC and Ambuja to the customer level at a click of a button. This helps companies to drive efficiency improvement and monitor its impact with great ease.

On the road to Sustainability: 

Through its proprietary digital tool that enables transparent tracking of its transportation emissions, including those of its third-party suppliers, TAC has taken significant steps to continuously reduce its environmental footprint in line with its scope 3 emissions target. On its net-zero journey, Holcim set itself its industry’s first scope 3 emissions reduction target, with the aim to reduce its Scope 3 emissions related to transportation and fuels by 20% in 2030.

With TAC, Holcim is accelerating its scope 3 emissions reduction target.

A global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, LafargeHolcim, the parent company of two of India’s largest building materials companies – ACC and Ambuja Cements, had recently rebranded itself as Holcim Group to simplify and boost brand recall.

LafargeHolcim was formed with the merger of the world largest cement makers in 2015.

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