Haryana Cabinet Greenlights Game-Changing Amendments for Logistics Infra Development

In a significant move, the cabinet announced on Tuesday the amendment of the policy governing the establishment of multi-modal logistics parks (MMLPs), integrated inland container depots, logistics parks, warehouses-cum-retail, truckers parks, cash and carry, warehouse, cold-chain facilities, and gas godowns.

According to an official spokesperson, the key modification in the policy involves reducing the minimum required area for integrated inland container depots or custom-bounded areas from 50 acres to 20 acres. This change is expected to encourage more efficient land utilization while still meeting the needs of these facilities.

Furthermore, the amendments specify that agro-warehouses with retail facilities will require a minimum area of 2 acres, and non-agro warehouses with retail facilities will need a minimum of 5 acres. Developers must also adhere to specific minimum approach requirements, with 33 feet for agro-warehouses and 60 feet for non-agro warehouses.

These adjustments aim to maintain consistency in eligibility conditions and approach norms across policies of both the town and country planning and industries and commerce departments.

The proposal, which received approval, includes plans for the Industries and Commerce department to appropriately amend the existing Haryana Logistics, Warehousing, and Retail Policy of 2019. This amendment aligns the policy with the latest proposals from the town and country planning department, promoting a cohesive and streamlined regulatory framework for the logistics and warehousing sector.

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