Gujarat unveils ambitious plans to transform non-major ports for a sustainable future

Gujarat is set to elevate its non-major ports (NMPs), operated by the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), with comprehensive plans to boost capacity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

A master plan for the NMPs, extending until 2047 is to be prepared with an aim to streamline operations, minimize risks, and ensure competitiveness in the dynamic global trade scenario.

Founded in 1982, the GMB oversees 48 ports, including Bedi, Bhavnagar, Dahej, and Porbandar. Gujarat’s non-major ports, handling 3% of national port traffic in 1982-83, managed 416 million tonnes of cargo in 2022-23, constituting 30% of total Indian port traffic and 65% of all NMP traffic in India.

The current capacity of Gujarat’s non-major ports is 593.01 million tonnes in 2023.

The GMB has issued an RFP for advisory services to develop a master plan for efficient, safe, and sustainable port operations.

With a coastline of 1,600 km, Gujarat is strategically positioned near the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, hosting numerous commercial cargo ports.

The master plan aims to ensure the ports’ efficient, safe, and sustainable functioning, considering economic, environmental, and social factors. It includes a capacity assessment, outlining infrastructure development requirements for terminals, berths, roads, railways, and cargo handling facilities.

The plan focuses on identifying and preparing for capacity expansion to accommodate increased trade volumes and larger vessels, considering geographical location, alignment with international shipping routes, and synergy between all ports.

Additionally, the master plan incorporates key components for green ports, covering environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, water quality conservation, waste management, green infrastructure, noise reduction, regulatory compliance, monitoring and reporting, research and innovation, certifications, and recognition.

Madhvendra Singh, CEO at Gujarat Maritime Cluster, in a social media post said, “The Gujarat Maritime Board is embarking on a transformative journey to revamp the capacity and efficiency of our ports, and we are searching for top-tier international consultancy services to partner with us on this remarkable venture.”

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