Google’s latest offering to optimize last mile delivery operations

lAst Mile Delivery Solution

With the surge in demand of ecommerce and qcommerce, the last mile delivery operations – inhouse as well as outsourced – are only becoming exceedingly competitive. In such an environment, organizations involved with last mile delivery have to become more agile and nimble to increase operational efficiency. And Google’s new offering – the Last Mile Fleet Solution – is aimed to help organizations realize their goals.

The Last Mile Fleet Solution is an integrated suite of mapping, routing and analytical capabilities. It aims to assist the fleet operators throughout the delivery process – starting from pickup of the order to capturing valid addresses and route mapping, ending with final doorstep delivery. The solution builds on Google’s “On-demand Rides & Deliveries” tool, which is used by several global ride-hailing and on-demand delivery operators.

Improving the customer’s delivery experience:

There have been many instances with each of us wherein, getting the product, that we ordered with such excitement, becomes a hassle. This could be because of a number of reasons including the inability to enter precise address for delivery and, like in my case, being unavailable to receive the delivery. The package eventually ends up being rescheduled for delivery or is sent back to the shipper. This not only creates unpleasant customer experience but also increases costs for fleet operators.

Last Mile Fleet Solution comes in as a rescue for companies to help capture correct addresses so that detailed delivery locations can help drivers drop packages off at the right place, every time. Also, shipment tracking and up-to-date arrival times allow consumers to be ready and available to receive their packages.

Our promise to customers is that we’ll deliver their goods within 120 minutes of receiving their order, and efficient route planning and navigation is indispensable in helping us achieve that. We chose Google Maps Platform because no other provider supports us so well with data – from distance and travel time data for planning to real-time data while driving.”

Thomas Manthey (Head of Engineering – Warehouse and Logistics), Flaschenpost SE

Granting better access to drivers:

With last mile deliveries being majorly dependent and run by drivers, it is important that we provide them with better access and tools in order to perform the delivery function in most efficient manner. Last Mile Fleet Solution helps drivers complete their tasks throughout the day with the information and guidance they need to perform at their best. With route mapping and precise delivery locations, drivers can improve ETAs for a complete workday. Improved routing and in-app navigation helps drivers with their daily work, leading to less frustration and better delivery performance.

Enhancing fleet performance:

Costs are an inevitable part of any business. However, it is upto the managers to minimize costs while also maximizing output. In logistics as well, last mile delivery can take upto half of the total shipping costs. Last Mile Fleet Solution enables the manager to visualize the fleet in real time, including shipment status and route progress, helping him keep fleet performance at its peak. Real-time and predictive traffic is used to provide full-day ETAs, offering early signals into potential issues. Cloud Fleet Routing API from Google Cloud also provides advanced fleet-wide routing capabilities, and when used in tandem with Last Mile Fleet Solution, it provides consistent routing data from planning to execution for fleet operations.

At Paack, we are obsessed with helping some of the largest e-commerce retailers in Europe create exceptional delivery experiences for the millions of orders they receive each month. To scale quickly, we adopted Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API which enables our drivers and fleet managers to maintain peak efficiency and go beyond our 98% on-time, first time delivery rates.”

Olivier Colinet (Chief Technology & Product Officer), Paack Logistics

Last Mile Fleet Solution is now in public preview for companies that directly manage or own their delivery fleet.

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