GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo all set to handle the export, import of COVID vaccine


GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo (GHAC), a 100 per cent subsidiary of GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL), on Tuesday, informed that it is now ready to handle the export and import of Covid-19 vaccines. GMR Hyderabad International Airport is reportedly going to be one of the major hubs for vaccine transhipment, once the vaccine is out.

GHAC is already in talks with various stakeholders towards meeting specific requirements of export and import of Covid-19 vaccines, including the challenge of having multiple ranges of cold and ultra-cold minus temperatures.

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It has a major role cut out in the entire value chain of vaccine shipments to provide the necessary infrastructure for an unbroken cool-chain for the global vaccine shipments to maintain the vaccine integrity.

The Covid-19 vaccines require specialised handling; Keeping the same in mind, the procedures are being developed in coordination with manufacturers and supply-chain players to mitigate any risk during the process of transportation of vaccines right from the manufacturers’ facility to the final destination.

GHAC has well-established standard operating procedures (SOP) in place for acceptance, screening and handling of vaccines as per required temperature conditions, it informed.

Further, the pharma zone of the terminal is a WHO-GSDP (World Health Organization – Good Storage and Distribution Practices) certified facility. It provides end-to-end unbroken cool-chain for pharmaceutical and vaccine shipments, GHAC said.

Currently, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo is in the process of expanding specific landside and airside facilities to further handle the spurt in pharma and vaccine shipments from Hyderabad.

GHAC is also planning to increase the storage capacity for various vaccine types and related accessories and supplies. Furthermore, it is also working with cool container providers for maintaining large stock at its station alongside upgrading the current capacity of cool container storage and charging locations to handle the surge in cool containers movement.

The company is working in sync with freight forwarders and trade members to improve efficiency to handle more volumes with faster turnaround. It is undertaking expansion of the Truck Dock and Pharma Zone to increase its handling capacity for temperature sensitive pharma and vaccine shipments. This upgrade will also reduce the cargo acceptance and processing time and enhance operational efficiencies.

Source: IANS

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