Glyn Hughes to step down as IATA’s Global Head of Cargo in January 2021


International Air Transport Association (IATA) has confirmed the reports about the departure of Glyn Hughes who is currently serving as the association’s Global Head of Cargo. IATA has informed that the decision is a part of the association’s restructuring programme which is in response to the critical financial crisis the aviation industry is currently undergoing due the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement IATA said: “Due to the devastating economic effects of Covid-19 on the aviation industry, IATA is undergoing a restructuring process to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation.”

Glyn Hughes has been a part of IATA for more than 3 decades now and will formally step down from his role by the end of January 2021. He will be joined by Gordon Wright, head of cargo border management, who will also step down with him.

“He will remain with IATA until January 2021. During this time there will be no change in the support, advice and services IATA provides while we work to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities following his departure,” the IATA statement said.

Glyn Hughes joined IATA in 1991 to enhance and expand the Cargo Accounts Settlement Service (CASS) and led many IATA Cargo initiatives, including being part of the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group steering committee.

As part of the restructuring programme, IATA also introduced a voluntary redundancy and early retirement programme allowing employees to make their choice. “I applied for and have been accepted,” said Hughes.

Expressing his concerns about the current situation, he said, “Quite a few positions will be lost, and some programmes will be ceased. We hope the impact on the cargo activity won’t be too great.”

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