Glitch in e-invoicing system has been addressed : AITWA

e-way bill

The glitch in the e-invoicing system that had created problems in generating e-way bill for transporters not registered under GST, has been addressed by the NIC and GST Network, while some minor issues are still being worked on,  said Abhishek Gupta, Joint Secretary, All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA).

“The basic problem that was there has been taken care of”, assured Mr Gupta.

However, there are a few minor issues that have surfaced in the system which has been highlighted by the AIWTC and the GST Network is working on the same, the Joint Secretary shared.

The original glitch did not facilitate generation of e-way bill for those transporters who are not registered. “This glitch came to our knowledge on 4th October when members approached AITWA and we actively took it up with the GST Network and the NIC, the backbone of the GST network and appraised them of the issue”, Mr Gupta had earlier remarked.

E-invoicing had commenced from 1st October as a testing phase. It earlier applicable from the 1st of October for 500cr and above customers. The 1st to 31st October time period has been set as the Testing Phase, while from 1st November, it was scheduled to go live.

Last month ,E-way bills, or electronic permits, for transportation of goods, witnessed record growth in addition to an increase in electronic bills for transporting goods nationwide as well as higher goods and services tax (GST) receipts collections.

In September, over 57.4 million e-way bills were generated, nearly matching the 57.1 million e-way bills in February, prior to the lockdown, as per data available with GST Network, which offers technology support for administering GST.

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