Garuda Aerospace, KL Tech City, and Jedsy signs an MoU to facilitate drone delivery in India

Garuda Aerospace, KL Tech City, and Jedsy have penned down an MoU to advance their collaboration on Jedsy delivery drones. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) calls for cooperation in knowledge and technology as well as market expansion and joint ventures.

Stating that the industry is now ready to accept drones for a variety of purposes, including Delivery, Mr. Agnishwar Jayaprakash, CEO of Garuda Aerospace stated that our team was given the chance to showcase drone-based delivery, and we successfully completed the tests to deliver packages and couriers for the Indian government and military.

After the successful drone deliver, the prime minister of India has requested to facilitate the delivery of mails through the Jedsy delivery drone, primarily to isolated, difficult-to-reach locations.

“In addition to transporting medicines and other supplies to those living in remote places, the prime minister stated that drones could also deliver mail packages to them. We anticipate approximately one hundred long-range Jedsy drones to be in service by the end of the following year, as the demand is enormous,” Jayaprakash said

“Logistics is the backbone of every economy, and we can make a significant impact on India, which has one of the slowest roads in the world, according to the IMF. With our technology utilizing very easy and convenient Mailbox docking station to automatically charge our drones, we have the most efficient system for expanding drone deliveries alongside Garuda and KL Tech City. There are growing traffic and environmental problems, and we must adopt more sustainable solutions. As Jedsy utilizes a fixed-wing aircraft design, it can travel fifty times more efficiently than any automobile, in a straight line, without traffic, and at a cruising speed of 100 km/h, while remaining silent. It is only a matter of time before lightweight deliveries are made on a large scale, as this is the logical progression of rapid logistics.”

Mr. Herbert Weirather, CEO of Jedsy

“At KL Tech City Our focus is on 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) Ventures with transformative technologies which contribute towards global digitization.  We specialize in IP technology transfer  and are very excited about this collaboration of expanding the product portfolio for Garuda Aerospace with Jedsy Delivery Drones . Also it helps create new geographies for Jedsy”.

Mr. Suraj Arora, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KL Tech City

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