How an F&B Manufacturer Regained Control over its Energy Spend


Cold storages need durable, reliable cold storage doors that can open and close hundreds of times a day while conserving energy and keeping cold items in safe temperature zones. Cold storage doors have a positive effect on your bottom line, whether you’re using a high-speed cold storage door to create a thermal barrier on a loading dock or a mobile high-speed door to create a tight seal on a refrigerated truck. Choose a storage door to increase productivity and preserve the cold chain in high-traffic cold storage applications.

Project Summary:

A large food and beverage manufacturer overworked their high-speed freezer doors to the point to which they were no longer operational. So, the cooler doors stayed in the upright position because the facility operated around the clock 24/7. Obviously, this represented a huge energy loss over time.

Gandhi Automations came to the rescue and installed eight insulated high-speed doors and cold storage sliding doors. The door panels are engineered specifically for high-cycle applications. This was ideal given the round the clock foot traffic. Ultimately, the high-speed freezer doors kept the cooler area at the appropriate -20 degrees Celsius. Properly operating high-speed doors made all the difference which was otherwise draining resources and energy for the manufacturer.

Project Description:


The food manufacturer had overworked their high-speed freezer doors to the point to which they were no longer operational. The facility knew the doors needed to be replaced and the manufacturer had proposed a capital project to replace them. Unfortunately, the freezer doors gave out before the capital project was approved. Since operating the door manually took a huge amount of time, the manufacturer had no other choice but to leave the cooler area open and exposed. Over time, maintaining the appropriate temperature without cordoning off the area became extremely costly. Losing the conditioned air from the cooler represented a huge energy loss.


Gandhi Automations provided and installed eight high speed insulated doors in the cooler area where the manufacturer kept the raw products. Seven of the doors offered extra- high operating speeds; the additional speed is designed to minimize the opportunity for any potential impact through trafficked areas. At 2.5 meters per second, the opening speeds were a huge improvement over what the facility was previously used to. These door panels were an ideal long-term investment because the counterweighted operation also reduces motor wear which increases the life expectancy of the door. The icing on the cake was that these doors were specifically for high-cycle applications, which was ideal given the 24/7 foot traffic at the facility. The project also included a replacement door for an interior opening in another part of the facility. Since this opening was not inside the cooler area, it did not need to be insulated. Gandhi Automations recommended a self-repairing high-speed freezer door panel that offered a tight perimeter seal and durable components for long-time reliability.


Installing the right equipment for the environment put the manufacturer back in control of their operations. They were able to maintain their cooler area at the appropriate -15 to -35 degrees Celsius. With the help of Gandhi Automations’ purpose-built high-speed doors, the manufacturer can now continue its operations in a drastically more cost-efficient and energy-efficient manner.

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