Formula 1 and DHL Extend Historic Partnership Toward Sustainable Racing Future

In a significant development highlighting their enduring collaboration, Formula 1 and DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, have announced a multi-year extension of their partnership. This agreement solidifies DHL’s position as the longest-standing Global Partner of Formula 1, reaffirming their pivotal role in the delivery of Grands Prix and F1 Events across the globe.

The extension of this partnership underscores the remarkable growth trajectory Formula 1 has witnessed in recent years. DHL’s steadfast support has been instrumental in facilitating the seamless execution of logistics operations, ensuring the success of each race weekend as the Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1.

Central to this renewed commitment is the shared aspiration of both entities to drive sustainability within the sport. Formula 1 has set ambitious targets, aiming to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. Through collaborative efforts with DHL and logistics experts within the sport, innovative solutions have been identified to operate more sustainably, with a focus on reducing logistics-related carbon emissions.

One notable achievement in this endeavor was witnessed during the 2023 European leg of the season, where the introduction of biofuel-powered trucks resulted in a remarkable 83% reduction in logistics-related emissions. Building on this success, the fleet of biofuel-powered trucks will more than double in size to 37 trucks this year. Additionally, DHL has transitioned to employing more fuel-efficient Boeing 777 planes, further contributing to a reduction of carbon emissions by 17% compared to traditional aircraft.

Back in 2023, in another groundbreaking initiative towards sustainability, DHL demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship during the historic hosting of India’s first-ever all-electric World Championship race – Formula E – in Hyderabad. This event marked a significant milestone in the global motorsport landscape, showcasing Formula E’s dedication to promoting clean energy and innovation in racing.

Looking ahead, DHL’s commitment to sustainability will be further exemplified during select European races on the 2024 calendar. The introduction of a new motorhome equipped with solar panels, charging, and recycling stations will significantly reduce carbon emissions. This innovative initiative reflects both companies’ dedication to advancing sustainable practices within the realm of logistics and motorsport.

The enduring partnership between Formula 1 and DHL, spanning two decades, has been characterized by shared milestones and achievements. DHL’s integral role in delivering coveted honors such as the Fastest Lap and Fastest Pit Stop awards underscores their indispensable contribution to the sport’s success.

Commenting on the extension of the partnership, Jonny Haworth, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Formula 1, expressed delight at continuing the successful collaboration. He emphasized DHL’s crucial role in supporting Formula 1’s transformation into a more sustainable sport, highlighting the importance of innovation and inclusivity in achieving shared objectives.

Arjan Sissing, Head of Global Brand Marketing at DHL Group, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the significance of DHL’s 20th anniversary as the Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1. He underscored both companies’ shared commitment to sustainability goals, expressing pride in maintaining their collaboration to achieve these objectives together.

As Formula 1 and DHL embark on this new chapter of their partnership, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, innovation, and sustainability, continuing to deliver the world’s greatest sports and entertainment spectacle to fans worldwide.

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