Footprint Warehousing: A holistic, one-stop warehousing solution

Through its specialised solutions for a variety of segments, Footprint Warehousing is a one-stop comprehensive solution that is a boon for companies looking to leverage tailored warehousing solutions from an experienced market player. We look at how Footprint Warehousing is redefining the logistics and warehousing space through its nouveau, specialised solutions.

The warehousing segment has been through an evolution, over the years. From traditional godowns to tech-enabled state-of-the-art warehouses, the sector has witnessed a paradigm shift in operations, consumer demands and sweeping changes brought about by technology. The unprecedented circumstances of the present times have redefined the entire warehousing landscape, fundamentally changing the way companies operate. From a one-size-fits-all concept to tailored needs, warehousing solutions have also changed as per the diverse requirements of the clientele. Footprint warehousing solutions is one such example for companies looking for a diverse portfolio. With a collective experience of more than two decades in the warehouse and logistics business, Footprint Warehousing is a new-age solution that takes care of the logistics needs of every segment.

The developer offers best-suited solutions to the needs of multinational and national companies, with their warehouses catering to 3PL, CNFs, logistics companies looking to set up centralised storage and hub-n-spoke supply centre along with world-class amenities.

With meticulous planning and designs done by renowned architects and engineers, at present, the company is building a 7 Lakh Sq.ft warehouse, of which 3,00,000 Sq. Ft is ready for occupancy and balance can be available, BTS within 6 months.

A one-stop solution with a Pan India Presence

A striking feature of the company is that it offers a holistic range of solutions for a wide range of segments. Cosmopolitan in nature, the company has specialised facilities for a wide range of segments, be it glassware, FMCG or specialised spaces for chemical products. This helps companies choose the right warehouse location and streamline their operations; accordingly, thereby reducing the costs of logistics.

Enabling Logistics

As a complete warehousing solution, the company has been firm on its commitment to guide clients into making cost-effective decisions. Through its “Buy, not build” approach, customers now have the option of reducing investments and saving instead. Through its reliable and integrated warehousing, the company aims to provide unmatched quality-driven warehousing services at an affordable cost.

Boosting productivity

The company also has extensive solutions in place that is suitable for the diverse needs of the clientele. The operations of the warehousing park have been optimally planned to drive ease of doing business. With respect to efficiency, client companies have reported a 30% increase in productivity after availing themselves of these services. With respect to the NA Pass Plan, the construction can be done as per standard requirements. Both short and long lease plans are offered by the company.

Superior Storage and Safety

As a comprehensive and holistic warehousing solution, the company offers specialised storage facilities and unmatched security for its different segments. Their warehouses store inventory from every segment of the industry, which include fertilisers, cement, pharma, paints, FMCG & even e-Commerce related inventory.

The company ensures round-the-clock functionality with efficient power back-up, secured boundary wall, staff canteen, and other operational aids and offers clients the ability to have their own personnel on-site.

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