FM Logistic selects Verzion to create its global network infrastructure

Global 3PL company FM Logistic has partnered with Verizon Business to transform its global network infrastructure. The secure SD WAN network- a fundamental part of the company’s growth and ongoing digital transformation will run across FM Logistic’s operations in 14 countries.

In light of the rising ecommerce, there is a dire need for efficient and reliable end to end supply chain services and this super-charged network will help FM Logistic continue to meet and more importantly exceed the needs of its customers. It will increase the logistics providers’ agility and performance as well as enable it to take advantage of the data explosion offered by the digital world.

“With new digital applications on the horizon such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning creating a digital data explosion, it is crucial that businesses assess their existing networks to ensure they are ready for this fast-paced digital future. Newer networks feature better security, more capacity and enhanced functionality. They can help supercharge strategic business growth and new service innovation for increased competitive advantage.”

Scott Lawrence, Group Vice President, Verizon Business in Europe

While the current Verizon network was known for its uptime performance and reliability, FM Logistic knew to take advantage of new high-bandwidth applications and prepare its infrastructure for the next generation of operational innovation, the network needed to be upgraded. With this upgradation, FM Logistic will be able to take advantage of the surge of new digital logistical data available, such as delivery, route and supply chain management data, in order to drive even better services to its customers.

“This global, powerful, evolutive, resilient and secure infrastructure is the foundation of our IT landscape and its connectivity will help enable us to manage complex omnichannel end to end supply chain operations for our customers, migrate services to the cloud and introduce new urban logistics solutions. We see high performance and the near real-time visibility of data as critical in serving our customers, delivering their goods on time and in perfect condition. Verizon Business has been our trusted network partner for the past decade and we are confident that they are also the right partner for our future. We’re excited to explore how other technologies such as 5G could help us strengthen our business processes and support our business strategy.”

Alexandre Brauner, Group Information Systems Director at FM Logistic

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