FM Logistic leans onto omnichannel supply chain, targets double global revenues by 2030 via ‘Supply Change’

FM Logistic

Global 3PL giant, FM Logistic, announced on Tuesday about their incursion towards omnichannel logistics in India catering to the FMCG, FMCD, Pharma, Auto and Engineering sectors. The move was introduced as a part of the ‘Powering 2030’ plan of the organization under which, it targets to achieve double global revenues from Euro 1.4 billion to Euro 3 billion by the year 2030.

The company will cater to B2B and B2C clients and expand its network of multi-client facilities along with urban logistics hubs to provide an end-to-end supply chain, with a focus on automation and digitization. It plans to increase the revenue generation from omnichannel logistic activities to 50% by 2026. The company is also developing multiple technology-driven, sustainable and compliant logistics hubs throughout the country which are designed to offer a full range of omnichannel services to the users, right from website creation to last-mile delivery plus all nodal points included in reverse logistics.

Unlike multi-channel supply chains, omnichannel supply chains integrate a persistent flow of goods and services along all the sales channels. The perks include greater supply chain visibility, highly optimized inventory and fewer returns, among others. Globally, omnichannel supply chains have known to improve sales and aid in greater customer retention for businesses. With the imminent rise in ecommerce, customers’ expectations towards product delivery and overall convenience have soared, and omnichannel supply chains have garnered a major role in organizations being able to increase their customer base, so much so, that a study by McKinsey names it as the ‘supply chain of the future’.

Alexandre Amine, MD, FM Logistic India also spoke to length about the company’s endeavors in achieving constant sustainability throughout its operations. For this, the company plans to add another 500 electric vehicles to their existing fleet of three and four-wheelers, in the next 4 years as well as collaborations with start-ups to place ample EV charging points across top 7 cities in India. It targets carbon-neutrality for its own warehousing operations by 2030.

There is a mutation in the mode of transportation that is expected by our customers, to go to a more economic and sustainable way, and EV is one of them.”

~ Alexandre Amine, Managing Director, FM Logistic India

Visibility throughout supply chain is of paramount importance when it comes to smooth operations in omnichannel logistics. Mr Amine said that they operate on their own warehouse and transport management systems that are interconnected all the way from customs clearance to last-mile delivery which gives better visibility all across the supply chain to the customers.

“There are ADIs and EPIs across the board to ensure that the supply chain visibility is fantastic and without any interruption.”

FM Logistic recorded a 58% growth in turnover during the first half of the current financial year and aims to end with an overall 35-40% growth. They continue to carry out expansion plans and offer end-to-end supply chain services to become the reference partner in the field of sustainable omnichannel supply chains in India. FM Logistic in India is one of the key 3PL companies providing Warehousing & Distribution Logistics services for the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, E-commerce, Engineering, Telecom, Pharma and other sectors.

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