First-ever knowledge report on the Indian Part Truck Load sector released amidst an august gathering

India’s trucking industry is a complicated one – segmented by destination, freight load, as well as by End User. However, compared to the focus on the entire gamut of road transportation, the part truck load (PTL) sub-segment has not been the recipient of much attention. But a silver lining is that of the MSMEs and e-commerce sector, which are bringing up the PTL along as they raise themselves. 

To educate the industry about India’s PTL market, its growth prospects, and its challenges, Aviral Consulting launched yesterday the first-ever knowledge report on this sector titled ‘Indian Part Truck Load Industry – Prospects and Challenges’. The report was researched and authored by Mr. Vikash Khatri (Founder, Aviral Consulting) and his team. The launch event was attended by a large gathering of eminent players from the trucking industry, the logistics industry in general, as well as representatives of the government.

Dr. Surendra Ahirwar (Joint Secretary – Logistics, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) marked his presence in the launch event as the Guest of Honor. During his opening remarks to the attendees, he mentioned that though he was not completely cognizant of the PTL segment, he was quite intrigued with the concept since he heard about it and the potential that it holds. Excerpts from his address follow:

“Though we are moving forward, there is still an attempt to be made to recognize and transform India’s trucking industry. This report is a landmark in the history and future of PTL. It has not only defined the PTL segment but also highlighted the areas of opportunity like infrastructure and skill gaps. 

The PTL segment continues to support the MSMEs and therefore, the interventions required should be taken up by all stakeholders, including suppliers and users of the PTL services, along with the government. 

PTL is vital for integrating India’s supply chains with the global supply chains by facilitating trade.”

Dr. Surendra Ahirwar

After Dr. Ahirwar’s address, a panel discussion was organized, moderated by Dr. S Venkat (Professor of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, IIM Lucknow). The speakers were a group of experts including Mr. Rajesh Gupta (Director – (Skill Development, Labour and Employment, NITI Aayog), Mr. Mahendra Shah (MD and Chairman, V-Trans), and Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan (Mahindra Logistics). 

The panel discussion focused on the importance of road transportation in India’s economic growth. Speakers discussed the need for more efficient and productive logistics, the future of the people dimension of the sector, and the potential for reverse logistics. They also emphasized the need for technology adoption and public digital assets in the PTL industry.

The discussion concluded with a call for collaboration among leaders in the sector to develop a shared vision for the future.

The report was highly appreciated by everyone present at the event and the general consensus was that it is a milestone for the growth story of PTL segment. Mr. Khatri also gave a short presentation towards the end of the event, explaining the contents of the knowledge report and what he envisions achieving with it. The report, he said, is a comprehensive overview of the state of knowledge on the topic, and it will serve as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners alike. He went on to say that he hopes the report will help to raise awareness about the sector and lead to concrete action towards improving it. The event was followed by high-tea and refreshments. 

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