FIATA calls to embrace sustainability and collaboration with World Congress 2023

The FIATA World Congress 2023, to be held between the 3rd and 6th of October, is a landmark event that is bringing together logistics industry leaders, dignitaries, and partners from across the globe. The prestigious gathering set a new agenda for the future of logistics and supply chain management.

Stephane Graber (Director General of FIATA), opened the congress by welcoming the attendees and set the stage for profound insights and forward-thinking discussions. His presence resonated with the audience, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

Dr. Ivan Petrov (President of FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), addressing the participants, highlighted FIATA’s sustainable vision for 2023, aptly named ‘Changing the Climate of Logistics.’ This vision underscores a commitment to reshape the industry in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

The hosts of the event, Jef Hermans and Tia Meyvis, extended their warm welcome to the attendees, showcasing commendable hospitality.

The congress emphasized the critical role of sustainability in logistics, punctuated by an enlightening interlude on sustainable logistics. This underscored the necessity of sustainability in the industry rather than being an optional choice.

Kunio Mikuriya (Secretary General of the World Customs Organization), emphasized the alignment of FIATA’s theme with the WCO Green Customs Initiative. He stressed the importance of collaboration between FIATA and WCO in the face of sustainability and digitalization, two pivotal factors shaping the industry’s future.

Kristian Vanderwaeren, Director General of Belgium Customs, delivered an insightful presentation on navigating the VUCA world – Volatility, Uncertainty, Crisis, and Ambiguity. Drawing inspiration from “The Matrix,” he envisioned a future where declarations become machine-to-machine, reducing the need for human intervention.

Mr. Vanderwaaren also highlighted Belgium’s commitment to data sharing, knowledge transparency, training, and compliance, underscoring the significance of customs reform initiated by the WCO Secretary General over 15 years ago.

In conclusion, the FIATA World Congress 2023 isn’t just an event, it serves as a platform for industry-wide transformation. It calls upon the logistics community to embrace sustainability, digitalization, and collaboration, shaping a prosperous and environmentally friendly future for the sector and the planet. The FIATA World Congress 2023 promises to be a milestone in the logistics industry’s journey towards a more sustainable and connected world.

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