Essar Ports registers massive growth in cargo throughput

Essar Ports Limited, one of India’s largest private sector port operators, has registered a massive growth in its throughput and port capacity ever since the beginning of the current fiscal. In just the first two months of April and May, the company has seen an increase of 29 percent in its cargo volumes accompanied by a throughput of 9.2 Million Tonnes (MT). The recorded throughput for the same months in 2018 was 7.2 MT.

The reason for this positive jump is most certainly due to the increase in captive cargo and third party cargo which stood at 6.1 MT and 1.1 MT in 2018 respectively. With FC 2019, the captive cargo is recorded to be 6.7 MT and the third party cargo has seen an increase of nearly more than double, precisely 131 per cent increase, standing at 2.5 MT. Besides, the cargo volumes from inmate customers have seen a steady increase of 11 per cent as mentioned in a company statement.


The collective operational capacity of all the terminals under Essar Ports is 110 MT currently. It has four operational port terminals in India, namely Visakhapatnam and Pradip on the east coast in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha respectively, Hazira and Salya on the west coast in Gujarat. The ports are functioning at their best and have collectively handled 4.8 MT of cargo in just the first month of FC 2019 as compared to 3.6 MT Of cargo handled in May 2018.

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