Envirotainer’s new Releye RLP container to facilitate efficient transportation of pharma products

Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transportation of pharmaceuticals yesterday unveiled  its new pharma container called Releye RLP30000PC container for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

The new product which was launched via a virtual press conference comes at a time when the globe is rolling out COVID vaccines to battle the virus.

After taking the opinions of “hundreds of experts in the temperature-controlled air freight industry” about the challenges they faced, Envirotainer created RLP to overcome those challenges, the company said claiming that the container can maintain temperatures for more than one week before re-charging.

The company said the Releye RLP product is built on 5 pillars:

1. Control: Full redundancy, VIP panel, 18 integrated sensors, and pre-conditioning timer.

2. Monitoring: Location, door openings, inside and outside ambient temperature, battery level, humidity, and cargo loaded or not.

3. Autonomy: For 170 hours it can be kept unattended if stranded for several hours.

4. Value: Contains 3 Euro pallets, 132 cm height / 52 inches (highest in the industry).

5. Sustainability: It can reduce up to 90 percent of CO2 emissions, allowing it to reduce environmental impact.

Thirty-five years ago, Envirotainer set out to develop the world’s best containers for temperature-controlled air freight. It is with great pride we announce the launch of our new Envirotainer Releye RLP, a true innovation in secure cold chain solutions that sets a new industry standard for reliability with its live monitoring, intelligent cargo protection, unsurpassed autonomy and superior cost-efficiency.”

~ Michael Berg, chief executive of Envirotainer

Further he added, “We have this fleet operational already and plans to increase its size soon.”

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