Ekart announces ‘Warehousing as a Service’ for brands, manufacturers and retailers across industries

Ekart,aiming to become a 4PL player in the nation will now make its warehouses across the country available to brands, manufacturers, retailers, and SMEs. This will allow brands of all sizes, manufacturers, and retailers from across industries to leverage Ekart’s technologically advanced fulfillment centers for flexible, affordable, and scalable inventory storage solutions.

Ekarts’ end-to-end warehousing services will include ready-to-use best-in-class warehousing space, order management, integrated logistics, and inventory management further helping brands scale their business. It will also offer specialized facilities such as temperature-controlled storage and storage for high-value inventory for businesses in need of these requirements.

With a pan India supply chain network spread across more than 20 million sq feet, Ekart will offer four dedicated sites across Bilaspur in Haryana, Malur in Karnataka, Saidham in Mumbai, and Uluberia (West Bengal), as well as 17 shared sites across India to businesses of all sizes. The expansive warehouses will ease the fulfillment process of orders for customers by helping reduce the transit time and better delivery speed. The state-of-the-art, Grade-A fulfillment centers are equipped to facilitate the safe and speedy delivery of orders. Ekart’s capability to handle 80+ product categories will also now be available to the brands.

“Ekart today is one of the largest supply chain companies in the country, and we are committed to helping businesses reach scale. Today a majority of businesses across industries including manufacturing, D2C, and consumer electronics have a pain point of not being able to find Grade A warehousing and dealing with multiple partners for operations. We want to leverage our operations, infrastructure, and technology capabilities to provide ease of doing business while also reducing the cost of doing business and further strengthening and streamlining the nation’s supply chain ecosystem. We are positive that our deep understanding of the value chain will not only ease last-mile delivery for our partners but also help them focus on their core strengths, thus contributing to the larger economy.” 

Mani Bhushan, Chief Business Officer at EKart

Some of the services provided by Ekart will be:

Order Management including

  • QC-based inwarding and smart picking to minimize dispatch failures
  • QC at packing to avoid mis-shipment and damaged item dispatch
  • Return management

Logistics Management

  • Efficient vendor management to offer synergy across the supply chain

Inventory Management

  • Real-time visibility on inventory – reservable, under processing, and  rejects
  • Continuous inventory monitoring as per touchpoints for minimal defects

Value Added Services

  • Refurbishment centers for Apparel Category and Value Recovery for Electronics Category
  • Sampling & marketing opportunities for brands to enhance the reach and help acquire new customers
  • Green Packaging options

With the introduction of Ekart’s warehousing services for brands and businesses, brands will be able to leverage cutting-edge technology such as – Automated Storage & Retrieval System, Multi-Tier Shelving, Cross Belt Sorters, Spiral Conveyors, Smart picking to minimize dispatch failures.

Ekart offers brands, platforms, and businesses end-to-end supply chain and inventory management, including distribution, and aggregation of products. Delivering over 120 million packages every month across all serviceable pin codes, Ekart has a vast network of fulfillment and sortation centers, and thousands of delivery hubs.

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