EFL International accommodates Byrne Air Freight customers and staff

Dublin-based freight forwarder EFL International has decided to take in the customers and staff of Byrne Air Freight after the owner Eddie Byrne, retired in December 2019 after decades of successful trading.

Ex-Aer Lingus employee Eddie Byrne founded Byrne Air Freight in the early 1980s.

“With the long relationship between our two companies over many years, Eddie decided to direct all his customers and overseas agents to EFL to ensure continuity for the business, staff and, above all, customers. And, I am pleased to report, just about every customer has decided to come over to EFL.”

Chris Radley, Director, EFL International

June Shaw took up her employment with EFL at the start of January and Darren Greene will follow shortly, from Byrne Air Freight. The new recruits will help to further strengthen EFL’s already substantial airfreight activity, where it has represented the Hong Kong-based U-Freight Group in Ireland for over three decades. 
Crucially, it will also add customs expertise as the Irish freight industry gears up for the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union whereby much freight between Ireland and the rest of the world transits the UK, and Brexit could potentially have major implications. 

EFL will maintain Byrne Air Freight’s existing relationships with its overseas agents to maintain continuity. Chris Radley adds that there is “ample space” at EFL International’s offices and depots to accommodate the new recruits and business. 

EFL International, like Byrne Air Freight, has itself been an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member since 1986.

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