E-commerce logistics firms brace for impact as festive season approaches; spurs up hiring

With the festive season around the corner, hiring by the e-commerce ecosystem is expected to grow by 20-25% over the next three months as companies expect high festive season demand after two years of muted sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies are looking to hire employees with delivery and tech-related skills to manage customer acquisition, engagement, and retention for platform users. Entry-level roles for customer service and management are driving maximum demand. In addition, digital marketing will be another segment that will see high demand for professionals, according to Indian Staffing Federation.

The e-commerce companies expect good sales this year on the back of positive consumer sentiment, which will boost hiring.

Anika Parashar, Founder and CEO of The Woman’s Company told a media outlet that while the factors like the festive season and speed of vaccine deployment are boosting consumer sentiments, another reason behind the improved e-commerce hiring outlook is strong growth in business activity, which has pressed the need to hire more.

“With the festival season just around the corner, we are witnessing an increase in sales. We will need more hands-on deck and are looking at a 20% increase in hiring,” Parashar said. The company is looking to add resources to its digital teams and on-ground sales teams.

In addition to the e-commerce players, the support system in terms of logistics firms is also building capacity to cater to the anticipated increase in demand.

Shailesh Kumar, founder of CABT Logistics said for the festive season, companies in the logistics sector have hired gig workers, increased capacity, and are expanding their operations at new locations.

“We at CABT have launched a delivery partner program, to hire over 15,000 gig workers during the season to boost the company’s delivery capabilities, also we are adding many rapid delivery points across key metros, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru and are also hiring for over 100 positions across verticals such as sales, servicing, and operations,” Kumar said.

Aiming to build their online footprint that will ensure a wider reach with minimum spending on fixed costs, Roadcast, a vehicle fleet management, and delivery tracking company is focusing on hiring across roles.

Last year there was a 20% increase in hiring but this year we are looking at a 35% increase across specific roles such as customer servicing, development, and project management.”

~Rahul Mehra, co-founder of Roadcast

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