DP World’s Cargoes Flow: Revolutionizing supply chain management with Real-Time Visibility

DP World’s ‘Cargoes Flow’ is an enterprise multi-vendor tracking tool for sea, air, and land that benefits large cargo owners by providing a single window view, and enables customers to make business-critical decisions throughout the supply chain. Mr. Ayaz Maqbool, Global Head of Digital Product Sales, DP World in a candid chat with Logistics Insider, helps us understand this newly launched revolutionary product and how it’s helping straighten the complexities. 

Launched almost a year ago, the industry has had a positive reaction to the launch of the new platform. The pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war continued to physically impact the supply chain, increasing costs as well as delays. As a result, it alerted the investment priority for businesses cargo owners, shippers, and manufacturers. Highlighting that businesses are taking a digital-first investment as an approach to better mitigate the risks Ayaz says, “We have seen a very encouraging response from the customers, who are business cargo owners, importers, and exporters globally, freight forwarders.”

Cargoes Flow offers to the customers, real-time visibility and proactive shipment management, which helps them save costs and make informed decisions based on the rich analytics it provides. The platform is meeting the changing demands of its customers and delivering satisfaction through its AI-driven visibility tools. 

Ayaz, explaining the consumer changing needs said, “Manufacturers and business cargo owners are seeing lack of collaboration, speed, and visibility as the biggest gap to meet supply chain success. And, scalable analytics migration to the cloud and targeted deployment of AI-driven tools are key tech-focused areas today, that we are witnessing across the supply chain industry. Around 80% of organizations have inadequate visibility adversely impacting their operational cost, and increasing manual efforts in terms of shipment planning, monitoring, and tracking of shipments. This creates dissatisfaction as they are not able to provide visibility and clarity to their end customers. 

“We, through Cargoes Flow’s AI-driven and ready-to-use real-time visibility tool which is integrated with 100+ sea and air carriers, AI Satellites, and high-quality port data, have been able to package a fully integrated solution with customers’ ERP or TMS systems, so that we can offer them a seamless experience,” he added.

He further talked about the challenges faced in bringing in visibility, how DP World has been able to intelligently and accurately aggregate data to provide a unique experience to shippers, how the platform is going to evolve with changing times, and much more. 

Watch the complete conversation here :

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